Using a Potty Training Chart

A potty training chart is a simple tool that can aide with the potty training of your child. Every time your child successfully uses the toilet, put a sticker or mark on the chart to keep track of her progress. By hanging a chart in the bathroom or other place where your child can see it often, you remind and encourage her to become potty trained. 

How Does a Potty Training Chart Help?
Your child will feel pride when she sees the progress she is making on the potty training chart. She will look forward to putting stickers or making marks on the chart, making potty training fun.

Where Can You Find It?
There are a number of resources online to help you get started, many of which are free. You can navigate to one of the following websites and download and print potty training charts. There are a wide variety of charts available online, so finding one that suits your child's tastes shouldn't be too difficult. Listed below are some sites with free potty training charts and other supplies:

  • Pampers. Pampers offers a free Potty Training Kit, which includes a free sample of Easy Up Trainers, coupons, stickers and coloring pages, a potty training chart, potty training tips and a Dora or Diego training trophy. Pampers will mail this to you once you have completed its online form.
  • Potty Training Concepts. This site not only has potty training charts, but also potty training products and programs designed to assist you potty train your child. It also offers free certificates that can be printed at home to reward your child once she has successfully completed potty training.
  • Free Printable Behavior Charts.Com. In addition to charts for boys and girls, this website also has themed potty training charts, like Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine and Elmo.
  • Huggies Pull-Ups. Huggies Pull-Ups offers a free training DVD that has songs, techniques and games designed to help your little one become potty trained. They also offer coupons on the Pull-Ups training pants and a free printable progress chart and printable stickers.
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