Creative and Fun Toddler Activities

For the busy parent, finding fun toddler activities can be quite a challenge. Parents of toddlers want activities that keep their child's attention span as well as being quick and easy to do. Here are a few fun activities for toddlers that your family will enjoy doing again and again.

Bubble Play
A wonderful activity to do with toddlers is to blow bubbles. They absolutely love blowing bubbles. You can purchase bubble mix at any store or you can make your own. You can even get creative with your bubble blowers. For bubble-blowing fun try berry baskets, Easter egg dipper wires, cookie cutters or fun shapes you make out of wire.

Average commercial dish soap mixed with water, at a half cup of dish liquid to one gallon of water, will make a simple solution worthy of bubble-making fun, but if you want to bring your bubbles to a more professional, iridescent level, add a few drops of glycerin.

Outside Activities
Toddlers love to play outside. It really doesn't matter what they do. It doesn't have to be structured play; they simply enjoy running around and discovering their word. Simply going for a walk with your little one is a great toddler activity. Use this time to teach them about nature and allow them to explore.

Playgrounds and parks are another wonderful option when looking for activities for toddlers. Scheduling regular play dates with other moms with toddlers allows your child playtime as well as allowing you time to visit with other moms. Let your toddler run with abandon through the park. It will definitely be one of your toddler's favorite activities.

Art and Crafts Activities
The world of art is not limited to older kids and well-structured activities. You can explore the world of art with your toddler. Activities that allow them to explore different art mediums and express themselves are perfect.

One of the best craft activities for toddlers is finger painting. There are so many wonderful ways you can finger paint. The most obvious is with purchased finger paint and finger-painting paper. You can also finger paint on the table with whipped cream, chocolate pudding and even gelatin. Instead of purchasing expensive finger-paint paper, use freezer paper. Paint on the shiny side and it works just as well.

Quiet Time Activities
If you are looking for quiet activities for toddlers, books are the perfect answer. Toddlers love to have stories read to them. Most libraries have story hours that offer songs, stories and activities for toddlers. Fill your home with books that they can handle and carry around. Board books are perfect for this.

Cloth books that allow the child to interact by moving pieces around are another example of an activity that is quiet. Flannel boards and felt pieces are another good option and are easy to make. Coloring will keep them busy for a few minutes but doesn't usually last too long. Give them a glue stick and small construction paper squares to glue on their coloring sheet, and you have just extended the activity.

Simple Activities
Remember when choosing activities for toddlers to keep it simple. Adults tend to make things more difficult then they need to be. Toddlers love activities such as playing with empty cereal boxes. Empty refrigerator or stove boxes can be turned into fun play houses, boats, cars and castles with a little imagination. Your toddler can even decorate it himself.

Old-fashioned clothespins and a milk jug will keep your toddler entertained for hours. Wash out a gallon milk jug, give your toddler the clothespins and show her how to drop the clothespins in the top. Then she can dump them out and start again. Activities like this are wonderful for the toddler age.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic
When planning activities for toddlers, keep in mind their ages and abilities. A three year old will be able to do much more than an eighteen month old. The attention span at this age is short, so most activities should take this into consideration. They may play with a box of blocks for an hour, but they are probably only going to color for 10 minutes or less.

The goal is to have fun with your toddler. This is the key to any thing you decide to do. This time should be filled with giggles, hugs and smiles. Perfection isn't the main concern. Toddlers do not care if their picture is upside down or their clothes don't match. They just want your attention. So pick several of these fun activities and spend time laughing and enjoying your youngster.

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