What to Expect from a Practice Driving Test

A practice driving test can be a useful study aid. If you are getting ready to take your written driving test, you will doubtless have a booklet to study from. This booklet covers all the rules that you need to know, and every page of it should be comitted to memory. If you're great at taking tests, you may be able to skip taking a practice test. But even the best students can benefit from stress-free exposure to the real thing.

Random Questions
Most states give their written tests on a computer. The computer generates a unique test from a database of more than 500 questions, which helps to ensure that each test is unique. Asking your best friend, "What was on the test?" won't help you to prepare. Reading the practice booklet is still the best place to start, but practice driving tests generated by a computer will help you prepare for the real thing in a more thorough way.

If you take practice tests online, you'll get an accurate simulation of the test you'll take at the department of motor vehicles. These tests are free, unlike the real test, so you can take it as many times as you like. A good strategy is to take the test, see which questions you got wrong, then go back and study them. Keep taking the practice test until you can pass it every time.

Each time you take the online practice driving test, you are increasing your chances for success on the actual written driving test. There is no penalty for failing a practice test. If you fail the written test, you have to pay again, and there may be a waiting period before you can retake it. Save the fee by being ready. 

State-Specific Questions
Most states have prepared a practice written driving test comprised of questions on the actual written test. If you take advantage of the opportunity, you will have the chance to learn the correct answers and practice getting them right with the online test. If your state does not have an online version, there are online resources that will give you state-specific driving practice tests for a small fee. They will also offer you a guarantee that you will pass the written test the first time. Be sure to practice with a test written for your state. Driving laws vary from state to state, and you don't want to be prepared with the wrong information.

Preparing for Test Day
You have to be at your physical and emotional best to do your best on any test. So get enough sleep, eat a good breakfast, dress appropriately for the weather and get yourself focused before you walk into the DMV. Confidence, preparation and knowledge are your biggest allies in this situation.  

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