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Teenagers take their cues from their developing brains and their social groups, and that can be a recipe for rebellion.
By Shelly Barclay
Could your teenage daughter be suffering from depression? If you have reason to be concerned, you may want to learn more about the startling incidence of depression in teenage girls.
By Elizabeth A. Allen
In most cases, this habit is nothing to worry about.
By Conny Manero
One of the main causes of peer pressure is the simple desire to fit in with others. Parents who recognize this can help their kids find peer groups that encourage healthy behavior.
By Alice Langholt
Peers are a powerful force in the life of a teenager. Whether they know it or not, teens face peer pressure almost constantly.
By Diane Fitzpatrick
What is peer pressure? Any time a teen feels a conflict between what parents and friends expect, peer pressure is the cause.
By Alice Langholt
Negative peer pressure can lead to long-term emotional and physical problems. Understanding how peer pressure works can help parents and teens find ways to deal with it.
By Alice Langholt
Did you ever think you’d be the one saying, 'Kids these days!' That time has come, and it is important to know what mischief is being made.
By Lauren Bove
Discover the reasons why school rules are very important to follow.
By Jessie See
As long as there have been high schools, there have been high school cliques. A clique, a tightly knit, exclusive group of peers, can be a ready-made source of friends for those who belong, but the groups have become synonymous with shunning outsiders, taunting, bullying and cruel behavior.
By Diane Fitzpatrick
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