How to Ask a Girl Out

Learning how to ask a girl out takes some crawling before you can walk. You always need to be prepared for rejection, especially if it's the first time you've ever asked a girl for a date. However, knowing a few simple tips can greatly increase the odds of getting a yes.

Always ask a girl out face to face.
A girl will always appreciate being asked out in person, but never over the phone or computer. Using an electronic device to ask for a date only displays laziness and lack of confidence. If you want to make an impact and increase your chances of getting a positive response, face to face is the only way to go.

Look clean and attractive.
This applies not only to the date itself, but when you ask for the date. Dirty hair or smelly breath really doesn't provide much incentive for a girl to say yes. You want to put on your best face and clean up a little to show how important the date would be to you.

Use humor to ease the tension.
Humor works brilliantly when asking a girl out on a date. Throwing in a little silliness helps both of you feel more relaxed. You also just might make the girl smile, which bodes well for the answer being positive.

Have confidence but don't act cocky.
There's nothing wrong with a little confidence, but nobody wants to date a narcissist. Use some light, self-deprecating humor to help balance the confidence with a little humility.

Have a plan and back up plan for the date.
If you're going to ask a girl on a date, you need to have a day and activity in mind. Keep the options open so that you can find something you'll both enjoy doing. If the girl seems to want to say yes, but doesn't want to go to the movies, have a back-up date planned to offer as an alternative.

Keep the timing open for the date.
Try asking the girl out to do something next week, and see if she says yes. Then you can both find a day that's good for you. If you start off asking her out for next Friday, you run the risk getting a "no" because she already has other plans on that particular day.

Just do it and ask the girl for a date.
Don't spend too much time plotting, planning and psyching yourself out about asking a girl for a date. You want to put in some time and thought, sure, just don't go overboard. If you over analyze everything, you'll probably approach the girl too scared and worried to actually speak. 

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