How to Ask a Girl to Prom

Knowing how to ask a girl to prom is important for any young man who wants a date for the big dance. Prom is one of the most special events of a teenager's life, and it can be much more special if shared with the perfect girl. Asking a girl to prom isn't easy. You have to brace for the possibility of excruciating rejection and the impact this could have on your developing self-esteem. Understanding a few guidelines for asking a girl to prom can be helpful.

Making A Wise Choice
In movies and on television, shy boys often ask girls that they barely know to the prom. Meant to illustrate the power of courage, these scenarios have little basis in reality. Before asking a girl to the prom, you must pick the right girl. Maybe the choice is obvious, and repeated flirtation has made the asking all but automatic. However, be wary of asking a girl who shows no sign of romantic interest. It's fine to be courageous, but don't put your ego on the line for the sake of bravado.

Before you ask a girl to the prom, make sure the timing is right. If the girl is running off to class or wolfing down lunch, it might be wise to choose another time to ask. It's best to ask a girl to prom when the two of you are alone together. It doesn't have to be a situation with any romantic overtones, but one when you're in relative privacy. These timing guidelines don't apply when asking girls you've been dating for even a short while. If it isn't already a given that you'll be going together, you can ask in any context.

How To Ask
More important than the question is the style of delivery. If you're asking a girl who's merely a friend or acquaintance, it's sometimes appropriate to ask in a lighthearted manner. If you're asking a girl you are romantically interested in, make sure your tone is serious. If you sound bored or depressed, the girl will think you're settling. If you sound overly excited, she may sense desperation. Rather, ask in a sincere tone, making eye contact all the while.  

Asking Right To Make The Night
If memories of your prom don't last a lifetime, they will certainly last for years, so it's important to go with a special girl. Asking properly can be the difference between success and failure.

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