How to Get a Girl's Attention

If you know how to get a girl's attention, you're a lucky guy. If you are like most guys, however, you may not know exactly what catches a girl's eye. There are so many horror stories and too many guys doling out advice to other guys. When it comes to girls, the best way to understand them is by asking another girl, like your sister or platonic friend. If you are out of those, or simply do not want to deal with the hassle of embarrassment, you have come to the right place.

Set Yourself Apart From The Rest
The best way to get attention is by separating yourself from the pack. If you are always around your friends whenever you see the girl that you like, she may not be able to distinguish how you are different from others. Do something that makes her remember you, in a good way. One surefire example is a sincere compliment. Do not say it with laughter, and be serious. If you feel embarrassed to give a compliment in front of your friends, take advantage of any alone time you may have to say something nice to her. No need to say something cheesy. A simple "nice perfume" or "I like how your hair looks today" will really open her eyes to you.

Take Care Of Your Appearance
Unlike guys, girls are not overcome by physical appearance, but a good-looking guy will always get a girl's attention, at least momentarily. No need to beat yourself up if you are not Mr. Universe. Wearing clean jeans and having a nice haircut will go a long way. Be careful not to go overboard, though. The metrosexual guy who drenches himself in cologne is attractive only to a select few. A girl just wants to see a little effort and clean fingernails.

Be Ready To Talk
Personality is more important than looks to your potential girl, guaranteed. Be ready to engage her in conversation. She will need to know more about you, and the only way she can find out is through talking to you. If you are unable to carry on a 30-minute conversation with a girl, you will definitely lose her attention permanently.

Stay Focused On One Girl At A Time
Although she may not say anything, a girl often notices you long before you know it. She may observe how you act with friends and if you are in a relationship or are pursuing other girls. Dating may be a numbers game, but a girl likes to feel she is the only one you want. Slow and steady often wins the race. If you are serious about pursuing a girl, go for it wholeheartedly, and do not get distracted by any others.

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