How to Get a Guy to Fall in Love With You

Wondering how to get a guy to fall in love with you? It's not as hard as you would think. Of course, a major component of love and romance is chemistry, but there are a couple of things that you can do to encourage Cupid to shoot his arrow.

Be Confident
Men find confidence very attractive. Whether it is in your job skills, your musical talent or your fashion sense, let your confidence shine through and your guy will be smitten. Along with attracting men, confidence has another benefit: It helps you go up to a guy you find attractive and introduce yourself. Just remember that confidence isn't aggression. Like girls, guys don't like to feel that they're being pressured into something. A lot of guys do appreciate a girl who makes the first move, as long as she's not too forceful about it.

Both men and women want to be in a relationship with someone they can trust. Trust is just as important as chemistry when it comes to finding love. Men find a trustworthy woman exceptionally attractive, since men need someone they can rely on and trust with their deepest feelings. Show your guy how trustworthy you are, and it will go a long way to getting him to open his heart to you.  

It is true that men respond to an attractive appearance, so don't hesitate to show off all your wonderful assets. Let him know you have a soft side. That doesn't mean being girly all the time or hiding who you are, it just means reminding the guy you like that you are a girl. If you always try to be "one of the guys" with him, he'll wind up seeing you as a friend, not a romantic interest.

Sweet Nothings
Pay attention to your guy. Let him know how much you appreciate him. Men find those little sweet nothings you whisper in their ears irresistible. Everyone love sincere compliments, and men are no exception. Letting him know how much you care builds up the loving feelings.

It is important that you have a life, not to mention a sense of fun. Show your guy how much you enjoy your favorite activities. It will spark his interest and show him how much fun he could have with you. Not to mention having a life gives you things to talk about with your guy.

Know Your Guy
Take the time to really get to know your guy. Find out what he likes and dislikes. Make an effort to participate in his favorite activities, but be sure to give him plenty of room to hang out with his friends on his own.

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