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Dating is an important subject for teens, and parents need to be involved in setting teen dating rules and expectations. Frequent communication, clear expectations and caring, loving support will help your teen make good choices.
By Alice Langholt
Knowing how to tell if a guy is interested in you isn't easy. Very few teenage guys are just going to flat-out tell you, so you need to know how to read the signals.
By Jennifer Maughan
Wondering how to tell if a girl likes you? Some girls will be harder to read than others, but there are some signs and signals that indicate attraction. 
By Alice Langholt
Boys find girls almost as confusing as girls find boys.
By Minnie Chatterfield
How can you tell when your teen is ready to date?
By Diane Quinn
Wondering how to tell someone you love them, especially if you aren't used to showing your feelings? These tips can help you get up the courage to say those three little words.
By Jennifer Maughan
Learn how to be a cool girlfriend,the one who can own her own with her guy, his friends and even his family.
By Lydia Nicoll
Learning how to get a girl's attention takes practice, as you want her to notice you for your positive qualities, and you also want to keep her attention long enough for you to ask her out.
By Jacqueline Thomas
Curious how to ask a girl to prom? Calm those jitters, and build the courage to approach her with this advice.
By Gabriel Miller
Curious how to tell if a guy is attracted to you? Sometimes attraction isn't always clear, so you need to pay close attention to his body language before you proceed.
By Jennifer Maughan
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