Signs Of Troubled Teenage Relationships

Teenage relationships are often rocky. This can be attributed to two major factors: teenage dating abuse, which is on the rise, and the fact that teenagers are naturally volatile, which can add to the drama or trauma of teen dating.

Dating for teens is more stressful than when adults date because teenagers are emotional and moody. They tend to become hyper-focused on one aspect of the relationship, and a dangerous situation may arise. For instance, he may feel she's cheating on him and become jealous to the point of obsession, stalking her when they are not together, checking her e-mails and her cell phone to see whom she's talking with and even becoming physically abusive.

Another scenario, wherein the girl believes her boyfriend is falling out of love with her, may end with the girl becoming more and more withdrawn and depressed. While this type of situation is not violent, it can be just as debilitating as the first example. In both situations, there is potential for someone to become seriously hurt or injured or, in the case of depression, for a serious illness to set in.

Signs Of An Unhappy Teenage Relationship
The most common signs that a relationship is not working or falling apart can be found below:

Arguing: Never-ending arguments and petty fights or bickering is a sure sign that a relationship is on the rocks.

Requesting Down Time: When one or the other person in a teenage relationship asks for down time, it doesn't necessarily indicate that the relationship is over. However, at that point, both parties should take a closer look at what the relationship means to each of them and whether they can make it work, or whether they should even try to make it work.

Too Much Togetherness: When teenagers dating become an exclusive couple, they may distance themselves from other groups of people and friends. If that happens, it may be time for a parent to intervene. While they might just be in the throes of infatuation, he may not want her to spend time with her family, or he may not like her friends.

Signs Of An Abusive Teenage Relationship
When a teenage relationship is troubled because of abuse, the signs are hard to miss:

Belittling One Another: If one person in the relationship is constantly picking at the other with negative comments, the relationship is more than troubled. It has already become abusive.

Obsessive Behavior: Obsession also includes cyberstalking, such as constantly checking a partner's cell phone and e-mail.

Controlling Demeanor: If he demands to know whom she is with and where she's going at all times, or keeps her from spending time with those she would normally spend time with, the relationship needs to stop.

Don't Compare And Don't Be Manipulated
When searching for signs that your teenager is in a troubled relationship, don't compare her relationship to other teen relationships. Every teenager is different, and every situation is different. You know your own child. Trust your instincts. Don't let your teen wiggle her way out of a sticky situation by ignoring your questions. If you have questions, demand answers. Do not let your teen manipulate you into believing that everything is okay when you can see that it isn't. Don't back down, and don't hesitate to call on professional help if it's warranted. Your teenager may be in a troubled relationship that is or already has escalated into abuse and may not know how to get out of it, or she may have been threatened with further abuse if she tells anyone about the situation or asks for help.

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