Explaining Sex to Teenage Girls

Every day, you hear about young girls ruining their futures by getting pregnant too young. Young men never have to worry about that. Men don't seem to have to worry about a lot of things. Diseases don't seem to affect them as badly - you hear a lot about cervical cancer, you don't hear a lot about male cancers. And, why is it when men have open easy sex lives, it's okay, they are just "feeling their oats", while women are expected to remain virgins until their marriage bed?  Why is sex so unfairly balanced?

Unfortunately, there are tried and tested reasons for this inequality that even the most primitive cultures knew and understood, thousands of years ago. Women simply are not men - they are made differently than men, they think differently than men. Life is not naturally fair and sometimes you have to accept that instead of railing and rebelling against it.

Women really should not be promiscuous. No real moral reasons for that - just natural ones.

Natural reason number 1.  Women carry their sexual organs internally. Men do not. Theirs hang out, cool and dry, in the outside air. Human beings are naturally 98.6 (F) degrees. Imagine what it feels like outside when it's 98.6 degrees - that's a hot summer day. Internally, women are naturally moist and warm. It?'s like a hot tropical rain forest, perfect for growing any number of things - bacteria, viruses, yeast ? it?'s the perfect incubator for disease. Men, with their nice cool external organs, they can get sick, too, but they don't always incubate disease ? they often carry it around on the surface, just waiting for a nice warm wet place to set up shop. Women, quite naturally, can catch all sorts of diseases a lot faster than their male counterparts can. It's not fair at all - but it is fact.

Natural reason number 2.  Women carry the child. This fact gets totally lost out there today, with all the fuss about recreational sex.  Sex is meant to procreate, period, the end. That is it's natural function. If you have sex, chances are you are going to get pregnant. Men don't have to worry about that. Oh, sure, with DNA testing they (may) have to hold up their end as far as money goes. But they don't have to carry the baby, they don't have to stretch their bodies all out of shape and gain weight, and they don't have to raise the child - most often, it's the mother's duty to see to that. Women carry the child internally, and then externally - for at least 18 years, if not more. It's not fair, but it's fact.

Sex is not fair. Does that mean women can't go out and party hearty, like the boys do? Sure, they can. But they can't be stupid about it. Guys can go out there and be stupid about it, and get away with it a lot more often than women. It's not fair, but it's fact. And no one is going to look out for you - except you.  So take care of yourself!  There is no excuse for unplanned pregnancy in this century.  There are a multitude of birth controls available.

But birth controls aside, there are a myriad of diseases just waiting to set up shop inside this perfectly fertile, tropical, female environment. Not fair - just fact.  And that is the reason women should carry their own condoms and not expect men to do it. Like I said, depend on you to protect you. No one else.

In truth, recreational sex is an adult activity, and should be reserved for older adults. You have to be responsible and have the maturity to understand the need to protect yourself. Young adolescents get all gawky and awkward about it, and this is where the irresponsibility and immaturity come in ? it seems they would rather get pregnant, or get sick and die, before setting a box of condoms on a counter and having the sales clerk raise a knowing eyebrow at them.  Oh, that knowing eyebrow is so much more horrible than venereal warts, isn't it?  Well, the clerk might raise an eyebrow, but they'll still sell them to you. And off you'll go, still gawky and awkward, perhaps - but safe.

Kids ? even teenagers - should try to stay kids for as long as they can. Seventy percent of your life is going to be spent having to be a responsible adult - why are kids in such a hurry to grow up?  What is so wrong with holding hands and necking, playing footsies under the table, writing notes to each other and talking on the phone for hours?  All the mystical and magical is being taken out of courtship and it's such a huge loss. Anticipation is where the excitement is; it?'s what makes the adrenaline rush, the heart beat faster - the anticipation of a thing. If you do it all by the time you are 17, what is left to look forward to? Sixty or seventy more years of the ordinary. Be a kid for as long as you can, stay a virgin for as long as you can, keep sex a mystery for as long as you can and it will have so much more value to you in the future.  Sex is a valueless commodity these days, and it's such a huge waste of a beautiful, magical, wonderful thing. Sex creates new life. It creates life! How sad it is that this fact is simply lost in the recreation of it.

Take your time - experiment, sure - but remember, you have your whole life to do that - there's no race, no rush.  Just protect yourself, always. Women must remember that life is not fair, but it is fun.  Never think less of yourself for being who you are.

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