Medical Release Forms for Babysitters

Medical release forms for babysitters are necessary documents that allow caregivers to seek medical treatment for your child in case of an emergency. Pediatricians usually have forms that parents can use. These documents provide health, insurance and medication information that a daycare provider can give to medical personnel so treatment may be given to your child in case of an emergency.

What is a Medical Release Form?
If the babysitter must seek medical assistance for your child, a signed medical release form grants permission. Some doctors and medical personnel will not treat a child for minor injuries if permission isn't clearly listed on the form. It is doubtful that medical professionals would deny treatment in case of life-threatening injuries, but having this form will erase any doubts.

What to Include
The following information should be clearly outlined on the medical release form:

  • Your name
  • Name of your child or children
  • Name of babysitter or daycare provider
  • Statement that gives permission to the babysitter to seek medical treatment for your child or children
  • Your contact information, including address and phone numbers (home, work, cell)
  • Insurance information that lists the name of your insurer, a policy number and a copy of your insurance card
  • List of medications taken by your child, including vitamins, aspirin or ibuprofen
  • List of allergies
  • Medical background, including diseases, illness and surgery dates
  • Child's primary physician and dentist, including addresses and phone numbers
  • Alternative emergency contact information
  • Your signature and date you signed the form

A medical release form will let your daycare provider seek medical attention for your child if the need arises. A basic form should be available from your pediatrician's or primary physician's office.

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