Causes of School Violence

Pinpointing causes of school violence is a difficult task. It is difficult to categorize the numerous school violence attacks that have occurred. Each case has different circumstances. The majority of educators agree that school violence is the result of a society unable to always distinguish between good or bad choices and right or wrong moral decisions.

It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes, the village fails to respond to the needs of families. This type of neglect can turn into school violence. Strong community programs will help decrease the chances of violence. Before and after school programs for working and/or single parents are good places to start.

In some cases, the perpetrators of a violent school attack feel powerless against classmates or school authorities. Planning and carrying out a school attack gives the attacker a sense of power and accomplishment. To limit the feeling of powerlessness, positive behavior needs to be praised. Without rewards for positive behavior, children can develop negative behavior patterns.

Access to weapons is one of the main causes of school violence.  Many family homes contain at least one firearm. An illegal sale of handguns to teenagers increases the accessibility to weapons. Carrying a weapon into a school is almost too easy.  Metal detectors in school systems should help reduce the incidence of violent attacks. If you own a gun, make sure that you keep it locked away from your child, and add a reliable trigger lock to increase safety. If you find your child with an illegal gun, always contact authorities.

Media violence also plays a strong role in the increase in school violence. Children witness violence on television and movies or through video games. Exposure to these types of media might increase the likelihood of aggressive behavior. Talk to your children to make sure that they understand the difference between fictional violence, which has no real-life consequences, and real violence, which can lead to heartbreak, prison and death.

Cyber abuse has significantly eroded school safety. Some online gaming contains extreme levels of violence depicted in real-life situations. Constant contact with these types of games increases the chance of violent attitudes. Other technologies, including text message, e-mail, and instant messaging, opened up new avenues for possible violent behavior. Cyber-bullying cases continue to increase.

A child's environment has also been linked to school violence. Family and home life has changed with the times, and the disintegration of the family unit might be another cause of school violence. Lack of parental participation, abuse and poverty set up systems for failure. When a child is shown negative behavior, such as alcoholism, gun violence or physical abuse, a child might find it difficult to break out of the mold. Sometimes, the failures of role models translate into school violence. 

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