Parenting Tips for Raising Girls

Here are some parenting tips to help you raise daughters who will be successful in all aspects of their life. Parents strive to raise girls who will be independent, confident, and self-reliant. In a society where it can be more difficult to achieve success as a woman than a man, parents often feel the need to start their daughters on the right path at a young age.

Be a Good Example. Whether we like it or not, children learn from what we do, not from what we say. Fathers should treat all women with respect and equality and mothers should demand the same from men. It is also important for mothers to show their daughters that they are proud to be a woman and embrace imperfections (that means no derogatory comments when you look in the mirror). Being in a healthy, loving relationship yourself will help your daughter to expect the same when it's her turn to select a partner.

Provide Good Role Models. It's important for girls to have other women to look up to. Help her to find strong, successful women whom she admires (in addition to her mom, of course). 

Encourage Interests. The only way for children to learn what they are passionate about in life is to try different things. Encourage your daughter to participate in different activities and let her decide what it is that she likes. 

Don't limit her to traditional "girly" toys and activities. If she wants to try skateboarding or football, let her go for it.

Set Educational Expectations. Make it clear from a young age that you expect your daughter to attend college. Make learning a priority and try to make education something fun rather than boring. At the same time, be prepared to accept that your daughter's career choice may not be traditional. That is okay, as long as she's motivated.

Promote Self-Worth. Show your daughter that she is special and unique. Applaud good grades and success in sports and activities and don't focus on failures. Remember that all children are different and your daughter's interests and accomplishments may be completely unlike what you had envisioned when she was a baby.

Spend Quality Time. Make sure that each parent spends solo time with your daughter. This gives you a chance to bond and gives her the opportunity to talk about anything that she wants to talk about without worry of her little brother or sister butting into the conversation. It can also help you get to know her better and recognize the things that make her unique.

Encourage Independence. Although it can be hard for parents to let their little girls go, it will inevitably happen. Prepare your daughter to be able to handle whatever life throws at her so that you won't have to worry about her 24/7 (although you probably will anyway). 

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