Single Parenting Advice

Single parenting isn't easy and sometimes some single parenting advice is much needed. Instead of two people caring for and raising children-not to mention working and taking care of a home-there's just one, very busy parent. While single parenting is difficult, it's not impossible. In fact, about 9% of children in the United States are being raised by a single parent.

To make it easier on yourself, take help whenever you can get it, and check out these single parenting tips that will make your workload a little lighter.

  • Having a support system in place can be very helpful for a single parent. While you may not have one constant partner to shoulder some of the burden of child-rearing, family and friends can help out by babysitting and assisting with household duties. Even just having one or two people to talk to can ease some of the stress related to single parenting.
  • You may also want to look into groups for single parents. You can get tips on single parenting and make friends with people who share your situation. Single parents understand the unique dilemmas and obstacles that they face. They're often able to help out more than married or otherwise committed parents.
  • Organize your time. When trying to balance everybody's schedules-your job, kids' daycare, school and after-school activities as well as social lives-a single parent could lose her mind. Try to create a calendar that keeps track of what each person is doing throughout the week. Color coding can keep it organized and easy to read.
  • Since kids thrive on routine, keep their lives as stable as possible. Try to make each day relatively the same, so your children know what to expect. Especially with young children, any changes in their routine should be explained.
  • When you cook, make extra and freeze the leftovers. That way you'll save time throughout the week. Just thaw a pre-made dinner when you get home from work, heat it up and eat. You may also be able to find a group of coworkers, friends or other single parents who are interested in splitting the goods and cost of bulk shopping. Shopping this way can save you money and time.
  • Don't forget you. Taking time for yourself may seem like something you can do without, but it's not. All parents need time away from their kids and the everyday demands of life to recharge their batteries. As a single parent, you'll need to take an extra step and find somebody to watch your kids while you go to the gym or out to dinner with friends. 

Although it may be difficult, try not to get stressed out about single parenting. Remember that no parent has everything under control all the time. It's easy for any parent to get overwhelmed. When that happens, contact your friends and family and take some time for yourself. 

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