Fun Rhyming Activities for Kids

Rhyming activities help kids to understand and identify rhyming words, which is an essential pre-reading skill. When you share rhyming activities with your child, you are helping to develop phonological awareness in a fun and engaging way, paving the way for your child to become a proficient reader. Kids think rhyming is a lot of fun, so this is one area where your efforts to teach won't be met with boredom or reluctance.

  • Read, read, read: One of the best ways to teach your child about rhymes is to read to him as much as possible. Try out some Dr. Seuss books, books of nursery rhymes or collections of poetry for children. Point out rhyming words to your child as you read.
  • Rhyming I Spy. This game puts a rhyming twist on the old I Spy game. Pick out an object in the room for your child to find, (a toy car, for example) and say, "I spy something that rhymes with star." Once your child has guessed correctly, let her pick an object for you to guess.
  • Complete the sentence. This one is sure to cause some serious giggles. Start a sentence, but replace the last word with something that rhymes with the correct word, such as, "On my head, I wear a cat." Have your child guess the correct word, in this case, "hat."  Take turns, and be prepared for some silliness.
  • How many rhymes? Say a word, and have your child come up with as many words as possible that rhyme with it. For example, you say, "set," and your child says, "bet, net, pet."  This game is also fun with a group of kids.
  • Play with rhyming flash cards. A set of rhyming flash cards can be used for all kinds of fun rhyming activities. Have your child match up the cards that rhyme. You can also use the cards to play a memory game, matching up pairs of rhyming words. You can make your own set of cards, or you can purchase a set at a learning store or online. You can find a free printable set at

The ability to read well is one of the best indicators of future academic success. By rhyming together with your child, you'll be helping him acquire the necessary skills to become a great reader.

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