Finding Durable Baby Boy Clothes

Baby boys clothes are adorable, as they often give us the chance to dress our little babies like little boys. Tiny jeans and overalls are cute as can be, but they are not terribly practical for infants. The littlest of little guys just get messy. Spit-up and diaper explosions are extremely common in infants, so it's best to save the Dapper Dan look for outings. When at home, dress for comfort and easy care.

You should plan on changing an infant or baby's clothing up to three times a day, on account of messy incidents. Some clothes are simply more practical for babies. As far as durability, don't expect baby boys to wear out any clothing until they are crawling and walking. Clothing doesn't get worn out by lying around or sitting; repeated washings and staining are the cause of any wear and tear. When clothing is well made, you can feel comfortable accepting hand-me-downs from reliable people if desired.

Whether a boy or a girl, onesies are fundamental for infant and baby wear. Onesies can be layered under shirts or worn alone if it's warm inside or out. Onesies come in plain white or boyish patterns and colors. Comfortable and washable, you'll need them. Start with a supply in sizes 0-3 month for newborns, 3-6 months and 6-9 months, as babies grow extremely quickly.

Sleepers are pajamas with feet attached. Once you master the seemingly complicated pattern of snaps at the bottom, you'll want to dress your baby in these for much of the first nine months of life. Sleepers are soft, cozy, warm and durable. While often cotton or soft terry, some sleepers come in fleece. Select according to the season and temperature.

Size and season
An important part of planning clothing purchases is predicting the approximate season in which your baby boy will fit into a certain size. Think of what season your little guy was born in, and plan the next size up for the coming season, knowing that there could be some overlap. Newborns and babies grow very quickly.

Materials and durability
Cotton is a good, soft, durable material. Feel the material of the clothing with your fingers and you can tell if it's thick enough to last and whether the seams are well sewn. You want your infant clothing to stand up to repeated washings, because that is part of the infant experience. Use a good quality detergent that is hypoallergenic to get stains out. Pre-treating can also be helpful.

Baby boys don't have to be dressed in exclusively blue. Mix it up with some greens, plaid patterns, browns, beige and yellow. Baby boy clothing with sports themes are easy to find - not only are they readily available, they are incredibly cute. 

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