Make a Pocket Letter Holder

Create great arts and crafts for kids with everyday objects around your home. Keep your letters and papers neat and organized in this great pocket letter holder. This letter holder can be made in a couple of different sizes, depending on the size of paper plates you have on hand. I recommend for your first "Letter Holder" project that you use the larger paper plate; it's easier to handle.

To get started collect all the supplies that you will need and lay them out on the table before you begin. If you don't have a paper hole puncher see if you can borrow one or even purchase one at any stationary store, I'm sure it's an item you will use for years to come at home and school.

Materials Needed:

2 paper plates, white or a light color


markers, crayons, or paint

yarn, any color

a push pin or thumb tack (for hanging)

ruler and pencil

With your ruler and pencil measure half way down one of the paper plates, draw a line across and cut the paper plate in half.

This paper plate will lay on top of the full size paper plate. Now using the hole puncher, punch about 12 to 14 holes, try to space them out evenly. Also punch a hole at the top center of the large plate for hanging. Use your ruler and pencil to measure the center for the top hole. Otherwise it may hang crookedly, at an angle.

Now that the holes are punched along the sides of the half plate and the bottom half of the full paper plate, it's time to lace them together.

Using the yarn measure out a 3-foot piece. Make a large knot at one end and then start to weave the yarn in and out of the holes. You can lace it over the sides or in and out of each hole. When you come to the final hole again tie a large knot to end it.

Your letter holder is now secure, so it's time to decorate it. Use your markers, paints or crayons and draw pictures or write your name or do both. You may choose to make a repeating pattern along the sides or try some fancy lettering and make your names the center focal point. I drew my design first on a small scrap of paper to see if that was what I wanted. I made a few designs and then chose my favorite. Do whatever you like the best.

Once you're finished with the decorating it's time to hang it up. Cut a small piece of yarn about 4 inches long and push it through the top hole and tie a knot to secure its closure. Now you are finished! Ask your parent to help you chose a great spot to hang it. Using the thumbtack or push pin, place it securely in and hang.

I'm sure your "Letter Holder" looks wonderful and now your papers and letters have a place of their own.

Article provided by Homesteader.

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