Construction Paper Dog Crafts for Kids

Creating fun dog crafts for kids has never been easier. These 3-dimensional bouncing paper dogs are sure to make you feel like running and jumping! The materials that you will need to start your project are simple, and you probably have all the things you need right in your own home. Let's get started!

Materials Needed:

1. Six different colored sheets of construction paper, 8"x10" or larger

2. glue

3. pencil, scissors

4. 1 piece of cardboard or colored oak tag about 8"x10"

To begin, lay out all your materials on the table. You may want to use a sheet of scrap paper to draw out some dog designs and ideas before you start on the colored construction paper.

First, cut 3 long thin strips of paper; these will be the main body of the dog. They should be about 2 and 1/2 inches wide by 10 inches long. At the end of each long strip of paper round the paper in the shape of the letter M. This will represent the feet of the dog, front and back. I like to use 3 different colors for the bodies so that they look bright, and so that each of my dogs is a little different from the others.

Now it's time to make the dogs' heads. Use any scraps and cut 3 good-sized oval shapes, one for each of your dogs. I mixed up my colors so that none of the heads would be the same color as the body it was joining. The heads should be about 2 inches long by an inch or wider. They can all be a little different in size and shape-it will look more interesting if there is a little variety between them.

After the heads are cut out it's time to add the eyes, eye lashes, nose, whiskers and mouth to each of the dog's heads. I found it much easier to decorate the head before I attached it to the body. Draw, cut, and paste all the facial features down, and then allow the glue to dry fully before you attach the finished head to the body.

I place the head about four inches back from the front paws. Don't forget to add the ears; once the head is glued or taped on the body it's a good time to measure how long you want the ears to be. Here's a helpful tip: draw the ears and then fold your paper so that you cut out both ears at one time. This way you will get two exactly matching ears for your dog. I like to curl the paper a little at the end to give more dimension and bounce to my dogs' ears.

You now have the dog's body, head, and ears all completed, and it's time to add the tail. As you know,. dogs' tails can be nearly any length, so vary the size and even the shape of each of your dog's tails. Be creative and try new ideas to make your dog really special. For example, how about putting spots on your dog?

Once your three dogs are finished, it's time to curl them and attach them to your base sheet of cardboard or oak tag. Using this heavy material at the bottom will make it easier for you to carry your dogs around and display them without bending and breaking them.

Choose your first dog and gently place it in the middle of the cardboard base, curling it up and then gluing or taping it down. Then put the other dogs on either side of the center dog. I like to put one forward a little and the other one back, so that all three dogs are separated with a little space.

There-you're finished, and I'm sure that your project looks wonderful. Remember, in art there are no rights and wrongs; each piece of artwork you make is unique and truly yours!

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