How to Make Model Spaceships

Why not learn how to make model spaceships? I'm sure you have seen pictures of spaceships or rockets in books or on television. They are huge and very loud when they are taking off. You can build a model of a real spaceship that you may have seen or make up your own just by using your imagination-you can create a spaceship model that will look great and can sit silently in your room.

Materials Needed:

1. Paper towel roll

2. Paint (any color)

3. Small piece of oak tag or light flexible cardboard

4. Construction paper (any color)

5. Cotton

6. Markers, pencil and scissors

7. Heavy piece of cardboard-about 6 inches square

8. Old newspaper

9. Glue and tape

To begin, lay the newspaper over the table that you will be working on to protect it, and then paint the paper towel tube with any color paint you may have around. Set it aside to dry while you work on the other pieces of your spaceship model.

To make the pointed cone shape for the top of the rocket, you'll need to draw a circle that's larger than the circle on top of the paper towel tube. I used the cover of a jar to trace my circle. Cut out the circle and then cut one slit halfway into the circle, from the edge to the center. You can now overlap the edges of the slit to form a pointed cone shape-the tighter you overlap it, the pointier the nose cone will be. Check it against the top of the tube to make sure it will sit on the top, and then tape it closed.

Next you need to make the legs or fins for the spaceship to stand on. Cut three right-angle triangular shapes from the oak tag, I made my right triangles 3" x 2" x 3". You will end up with three legs to form a tripod-style stand. To attach the legs fold one of the 3" straight sides over for about a quarter of an inch and crease it. This will give you a flat section that you can tape to the body of the spaceship tube.

Once the paint on the tube is dry and the legs are attached, you can tape on the top cone point as well. Decorate the spaceship in any way you want. Happy landings!

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