Greeting Card Verses and Sayings

Use these free greeting card verses and sayings with my permission. Each one is unique and personally penned by me.

Sometimes it is hard to think of what to put into a greeting card. You want it to be personal and reflect how you really feel. The suggestions below can be used as written, but feel free to also use them as a springboard for your own thoughts. Also remember that greeting card sayings do not have to be limited by a few lines. You can express yourself with as many words as you want and need.

Birthday Greeting Card
May your Birthday wishes come true
And all your dreams fulfilled.
For someone as nice as you
Deserves to have them filled!

Just a note to say
Have a very, very Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are a time of happiness
When you want to share
The day with those you love
And with those who really care!

Love Greeting Card
Roses are red
Violets are blue.
I just wanted to say
I love you!

You love me when I'm good or bad
You make me happy when I'm sad.
Now is the time I want to say
I love you each and every day.

Love is like a great big hug
That makes me feel safe and snug.
Thank you for making me feel
That your love is really real.

New Year Greeting Card
May your New Year be bright and sunny
With all your wishes coming true.
May your New Year be sweet like honey
Just like you!

A New Year is here at last
A time to celebrate.
Here's hoping your New Year is a blast
Because you are top rate!

Happy New Year to my friend
We have so much to share.
May our friendship never end
Because we make a great pair!

Funny Greeting Card
Put a smile on your face
Because this card is for you.
Do you still need some space
Because you're feeling blue?

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Puddin' who?
I'm puddin' this card in your hands to make you smile!

Christian Greeting Card
May God bless you at this time
With His amazing power and love.
May your light continue to shine
With the help from above.

Many wishes are coming your way
From someone who cares very much.
May you have peace today
And feel His precious touch.

God grants us peace
When we call upon His name.
May his grace never cease
In your life just the same.

Christmas Greeting Card
Merry Christmas during this joyous holiday
With love and hearts filled with glee.
Remember to have fun and enjoy the day
With a special love that comes from me.

Christmas is a special season
To be shared with family and friends.
May your holiday have a reason
To spread goodwill that never ends.

During this holiday filled with joy
May you have happiness and peace.
I hope that you will enjoy
Many happy moments that never cease.

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