Personalized Fingerprint Art

There can't be a much easier way to create beautiful fingerprint art work than by using our fingerprints and some fine markers. All you need is a stamp pad, markers and your fingertips and you're on your way to making some great pictures, stationary and decorations. You can create animals, people, objects and much more. Let's get started.

Materials needed:

  • Medium weight bond paper, suitable for stationary
  • Thin markers
  • Stamp pads, one or more colors
  • Scrap paper for practice
  • Optional-envelopes
  • Your imagination

To begin, place a sheet of your scrap paper in front of you and ink one of your fingers on the stamp pad. Place several inky fingerprints on the paper, scattering them around its surface.

This is your practice work, so try several ideas with these fingerprint impressions. Use one or more thin markers to add details that convert a fingerprint into a picture. You might add legs, a tail and a nose to make one into a dog; a snout and curly tail make another into a pig; a wing added to each side can produce a butterfly; faces can make one person looking happy, another person looking mean; think of how to make a shark, or a clown. The possibilities are endless. Just by adding details around a fingerprint you can create any subject.

After you have experimented for a while you will learn how to make nice, clean, smudge-free fingerprints and feel comfortable with some of your favorite people or animals. Now you can make yourself some stationary or greeting cards.

Fold the paper carefully, making sure that all four corners match up, and gently press down the crease. Now place your fingerprints where you want them for your design. Allow it to dry for a few minutes, then add all your details with the thin markers: eyes, ears, tail, etc. After your pictures are in place you may want to add some words such as "Happy Birthday," "Get Well Soon," "Thank You" or any other message you may want. Your stationary is completed.

You can also decorate some envelopes to match each of the stationary cards that you have designed and created. On the left-hand side in the middle of the envelope is a good spot to add these designs, and the back flap of the envelope is another good area to decorate.

Since every person's fingerprints are different, nobody will ever be able to make fingerprint pictures exactly like yours-they're unique. Happy Fingerprinting.

Article provided by Homesteader.

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