Snowman Mobile

The weather outside is snowy and crisply cold. Why not bring a little of the snow indoors? Here is a project that will help you enjoy winter even when you're inside your room.

The materials you will need are supplies that you probably have in your home already.

Materials Needed:

1. Construction paper: white (2), red, blue, green, yellow, brown (1 each)

2. Glue

3. Scissors

4. Pencil, markers or crayons

5. Yarn, string or ribbon

6. Stick or cardboard strip (to hang the snowmen on)

7. Circular shapes (jar covers, small bowls)-optional

To begin your Snowman Mobile, first lay out all your materials on your work table. Using the white construction paper, draw out the body of your snowman. You can use the circle shapes that you have collected to help you with the shape if you choose. For example, use the a larger bowl shape for the snowman's lower body, a medium-sized jar cover for the middle section of the snowman and a smaller circular shape for the head. Glue the circles together. Now that you have made one snowman, it's time to make a second one as well. They can be different sizes if you want-as you know, most every snowman is different.

You have built two white snowmen. Now it's time to decorate them using the other colors of your construction paper. You can give them each different, unique styles and looks. For example, one might be a snowman with a hat and scarf, and the other may be a snow woman, carrying a shovel and wearing a different style hat. The ideas are limitless; there is not one right answer. The best thing is to be creative and enjoy decorating your snow people any way you want.

Once they're outfitted with items like a hat, boots, mittens, broom, shovel and scarf, you can add some small details with your markers or crayons. If you have glitter or yarn scraps you might want to use these things for even more decorating details.

When your two snow people are decorated and you are satisfied with them, it's time to hang them on the stick or strip of cardboard you have chosen.

Using the tip of your pencil, carefully poke a hole in the top center of the snowman's hat. Ask an adult to help you with this step. It's always nice to involve your parents in your projects-they may enjoy making a Snowman Mobile too. If you chose the stick, you will need to tie your string or yarn through the snow person's hat and then around the stick to fasten it (do this to both of your snowmen). Try to hang them with about the same length of yarn so that they will hang in balance.

If you are using the strip of cardboard (I used a piece that was about 18 inches long and 2 inches thick), you can use a hole puncher and punch 2 holes about the same distance from each side in the cardboard to tie on the snow people. Punch a hole on either side of the top corners and run a piece of yarn across the top so that you can hang up your mobile. Do the same thing to hang up the stick, if that's what you used.

Your Snowmen Mobile is completed, and I'm sure it looks wonderful. Isn't it great to bring a little of the outdoors inside with these mobiles?

Remember that you can always make another one. This time add three or four snowpeople to your mobile for a little variety. Just be creative and don't be afraid to take a chance and try a new snowman style or technique.

Happy snowperson building.

Article provided by Homesteader.

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