Unique Dog Beds Kids Can Make

Treat your favorite canine to soft, fluffy and unique dog beds that you make yourself. Your dog has always been your loyal friend, sticking by you when you feel sad, ready to play when you feel peppy, so doesn't he deserve this special treat? It's easy to make, and lots of fun.

Craft Difficulty Rating: Average

You Will Need:

  • 1/2 yard to 1 yard soft brown material (craft store or discount store)
  • 1/2 yard to 1 yard soft yellow material (craft store or discount store)
  • Sharp scissors
  • A large bag of Polyfil
  • Material chalk (optional)  


  1. You will need a larger amount of material for a bigger dog and a smaller amount of material for a smaller dog.
  2. Lay out the two pieces of material one on top of the other. Make sure they are lined up perfectly.
  3. Working in sections makes this project easier to come back to, if you do not finish it all in one day. Start with one side and cut strips into both pieces of fabric. The strips should be about 4 inches in length (smaller for a 1/2 yard of material). You can use material chalk to mark your lines to make sure that they are even all the way across, if you desire.
  4. Once all of the strips are cut, simply tie the corresponding colors together, making a double knot for each one.Complete three sections, but only do half of the fourth section.
  5. Insert the Poly-Fil into the bed. Spread it out so it is nice and even. Now complete the pillow by tying the rest of the pieces together.


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