Wallpaper Art for Kids: Matching Flowers and Vase

You can make some beautiful flowers and a vase to match with wallpaper art. They will look great on your desk or on your family's kitchen table. This is an easy project. To start, collect the supplies that you will need:


  • Old wallpaper scraps or contact paper
  • A clean, empty frozen juice container
  • Some small scraps of colored construction paper
  • Glue
  • A pencil and scissors
  • Some paper towels
  • 5 long pipe cleaners or 10 smaller ones
  • Paper clips (optional)

Have all of your materials ready and laid out on your table. Begin by cutting out some squares from your wallpaper or contact paper scraps; they should be about five inches by five inches. Each flower takes two squares, one for the front and one for the back. I made 5 flowers, for example, so I needed 10 wallpaper squares.

Keeping each pair of paper squares back to back, draw out a flower on each set, and then cut it out with the scissors by cutting through both pieces of paper at once. You may need some paper clips to hold the paper firmly together as you cut out your flower.

By cutting the two pieces of each flower out at the same time, I found that the flowers matched up more exactly. Be careful though; if you hold, draw and cut out your flowers with both pieces of paper facing in the same direction, instead of back to back, they won't match up when it's time to put them together. Remember, back to back.

After you've drawn and cut out each flower, peel the backing off one piece of the pair if it's contact paper, or wet the paste on the back of one of the paired wallpaper pieces. Lay a pipecleaner on it so that most of the length protrudes to form the stem, then peel or wet the other half of the pair of flower pieces and stick it onto the first one, covering the end of the pipecleaner. If you have long pipecleaners, one will be enough, but if you can only find short ones, simply twist 2 together to make a long stem.

I find it easier to make one flower at a time and then set it aside. The wallpaper flowers take a while to really dry well (about an hour). If you are completing one flower at a time, the fronts and backs won't get mixed up. Don't forget to slide in the pipe cleaner while you're putting the flowers together, because once it either dries or the contact paper is stuck together on itself, it will be too late.

Five or six flowers makes a really nice, full vase, and the empty frozen juice can will make a great vase for them. Cover the juice can with paper: lay the paper out on the can to determine how long a piece you'll need to cover the can completely. Measure top to bottom, then measure the length, to see how long a piece of paper you will need to completely wrap around the can. You can use a ruler to draw the line from what you measured, top to bottom. This helps you get a good straight line so that your vase looks really neat.

Once you cut out your long rectangular shape, you are ready to lay it out on the can. Do this slowly if you are using contact paper to avoid any air bubbles showing. If you're using wallpaper, you need to gently rub it with a paper towel to avoid bubbles.

Now that the can is covered and the flowers are dry and completed, you need to use some scraps of construction paper,or one whole colored sheet, to make 10 or 12 small circles for the center dots for each flower. Remember to glue a circle on both sides of the flower. You may want to draw and attach some leaves to the flowers also. You can just tape the leaves to the pipecleaner stem with clear tape.

Place all your flowers in the can and use some of your paper scraps, tissue paper or both to fill the can and hold the flowers in place.

There: you're finished, and I'm sure your vase full of flowers looks great.

Article provided by Homesteader.

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