Stranger Danger Activities for Preschoolers

Teaching stranger danger activities to preschoolers is important. To help your child understand the hows and whys of stranger safety, parents first need to start with basic information. Then, act our potential situations so your child recognizes possible threats.

What Is a Stranger?
This is the first step in teaching stranger danger. Share pictures with your preschooler of who is and isn't a stranger. For example, show a photo of a close relative. That person is not a stranger.

Use coloring activities to show your child who is a stranger. Many examples are available online.

Books, DVDs or online games also teach the difference between strangers and friends.

What Is the Code?
Parents should establish a code word with their child. Explain that this word would be used if someone comes to your home when parents are not at home. The code would also be handy if you cannot pick up your child from daycare of preschool. If the stranger does not give the code word, your child should walk away and tell an adult.

What Are the Rules?
Children who know how to react in certain situations will be able to make decisions if threatened by a stranger.  Begin with the basics:

  • If a stranger approaches your child, teach him to turn and walk or run away.
  • If a stranger attempts to take hold of your child's hand, he should walk away.
  • If a stranger grabs your child, he should try to walk away. If the stranger has a firm grip, your child should yell "I don't know you" to alert other adults in the area that there is a problem.

Role play these situations so your child is prepared in case a stranger attempts to talk or take hold of them.

All of these safety activities are effective means of instructing your child how to remain safe in the face of danger.

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