Tips for Teaching Preschool Stranger Danger

Teaching preschool stranger danger will help your child practice safety techniques if he is approached by a stranger. Child safety is more than telling your child "Don't talk to strangers."  It includes practicing or role playing rules for staying safe. To begin, show your child a picture of who is a stranger and who is not a stranger.

Nine Simple Rules
A parent simply can't tell a child how to be safe. It takes practice. Discuss and role play these situations with your preschool-age child. Explain the consequences and dangers of talking to a stranger.

Teach your child these nine rules:

  • Grownups who need help should ask another grownup for help. This includes someone who asks for directions or wants to show you an animal.
  • You may talk to another person if I am with you or if I tell you it is ok. Otherwise, you should not tell someone you don't know your name or where you live.
  • Stay within my visual range when we are together in public. This is especially true if we are at the park or in a big store.
  • If we get separated in a store, ask a store clerk for help. Police officers or security guards will also help you find me.
  • Do not leave with someone you don't know. I will never ask a stranger to bring you to me.
  • If a grownup you don't know gets too close, back away or run for assistance. If this person threatens you, yell "I don't know you" so others know you do not know this person.
  • Do not take anything from a stranger, especially candy, an animal, money or a ride in a vehicle.
  • If you feel scared, leave the area and find someone who will help you.
  • Know how and when to call 9-1-1. Trust the person who answers and answer the questions they ask you. They will help you.

Read All About It
Your child enjoys when you read aloud. Why not share books about the subject of stranger danger? Popular characters, including the Berenstain Bears and other cartoon characters, introduce the subject to preschoolers. The illustrations in the book will reinforce the book's message so make sure you share the pictures with your young reader.

Coloring pages or activity sheets show your child who a stranger is. These can be used in conjunction with books.

Preschool students should be taught stranger danger through role playing activities. These safety practices will teach your child how to respond if confronted with this type of situation.

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