Are Capricorn Men Trusting

Are Capricorn men trusting? It's tough to make a sweeping blanket statement about all Capricorns, but a person's sun sign does determine basic emotional tendencies. What is the natural inclination of a Capricorn?

Capricorns as a rule are wary, especially when it comes to love relationships. They value control, safety, tradition and family. They want to build stable, safe, reliable family lives and careers. This means most Capricorns take a long time to fall in love because they are careful to test the relationship before they invest emotionally. They may hold back emotionally-at least on the surface-until they are sure you will be a safe, kind, reliable partner who will meet their needs.

Capricorns are equally cautious when it comes to financial stability and career moves. The goat seems to find himself in difficult situations, sometimes of his own making, and sometimes simply because of fate. Capricorns take life lessons seriously, so every setback or difficulty makes the Capricorn withdraw further into his safe corner, meaning he will consider at length any career change or financial investment. The Capricorn is not one to trust a coworker's or manager's word without proof that the person is worthy of trust, and he is not one to make a financial decision without plenty of proof that it is a wise choice. When the Capricorn finds himself making a quick or impulsive decision, which is out of character for him, he will likely chide himself and expect a negative outcome. He will therefore prepare himself for the worst and brace himself with plans for getting out of whatever mess he thinks he may have made for himself.

Capricorns are most unsettled when love takes them by surprise. A Capricorn in a relationship with an impulsive or volatile woman may find himself simultaneously drawn to the excitement, yet terrified that he is going to lose control and make a foolish decision. Capricorn men are apt to regret one-night stands or whirlwind romances. They fear that they cannot possibly make a quick wise decision, and they distrust emotional decisions. They want to take things slow and make sure they really love someone before committing to them. While you may need to wait for a Capricorn to commit, you can almost always trust his word once he does.

However, a Capricorn man will trust his partner once he has made a commitment to her. He expects his partner to be trustworthy as he has investigated the potential partner thoroughly and believes he has made a sound choice. The same can be said about a career choice or financial investment. If a Capricorn has done due diligence, he will rest easy about his choices.

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