How Can I Attract the Aries Man

How can I attract the Aries man? Is there any way to catch the eye of an Aries? If you think you'd be compatible with an Aries, you may want to try the following tricks to lure an Aries man into your life.

Let Him Know You Need Him
Aries men love to be the knights in shining armor. Let an Aries man know you need him and he'll rush in to save you and gain your praise. Be sure to thank him profusely and express gratitude. This feeds his soul and makes him eager to do more for you.

Let Him Exaggerate
The Aries man needs you to admire him, so he may stretch the truth now and then to gain your approval. Let it slide as long as the exaggeration is harmless, and lavish the much-needed praise on him like balm on his soul.

Let Him Woo You
Aries men pursue women they can woo and win over with grand acts of love. You may feel as if he's worshiping you more than you deserve, but don't let on to this; Aries wants to pretend your love affair is larger than life. Play along and you'll be in for a romantic whirlwind of a courtship.

Play Up Your Feminine Side
This doesn't mean you can't be independent. However, an Aries man wants to feel like a man, and this will require letting him show you a bit of chivalry. Let him open the door and pay for dinner if he wants to; thank him when he compliments you instead of insisting that your value lies in your intellect, not your beauty. An Aries man likes to get caught up in the romance of the idea that he is the man and you are the woman, and he is out to conquer you.

Listen to His Stories
Most Aries men have a story or ten to tell, and they are the heroes in every one of those stories. If you can't stomach his bravado and many stories, you'll want to consider someone besides an Aries. If you can listen appreciatively and applaud his efforts, you'll find he'll be as interested in your accomplishments as well. Just let him go first and let him know you're not competing with him.

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