How to Attract a Capricorn Male

Wondering how to attract a Capricorn male? Virgo and Taurus are Capricorn's most natural matches, but relationships between Capricorns and other signs are quite possible, especially if you both understand each other's nuances and desires.

To be sure you are compatible, you may wish to chart astrology readings for the both of you using your birth dates, birthplaces and birth times. A complete astrology compatibility chart may give you valuable insight into the potential of your relationship. If nothing else, it may spark interesting conversation between the two of you.

To fully understand Capricorn, you have to understand the myth behind the zodiac sign itself. Capricorn is symbolized by a goat, but it is also linked to the Father figure and all things traditional. Capricorns are hard working, realistic, paternal and drawn to conventional wisdom and morals.

Respect His Opinions
While Capricorn doesn't mind a good debate, he needs to know you still respect him, even if the two of you disagree. Make sure any dispute is resolved pleasantly and with respect. Capricorns don't respond well to ridicule or disparagement.

Don't Push For Personal Information
The goat is cautious for a reason; he has learned to be careful about who he lets into his emotional life. Take your time getting to know him. Let him share personal information when he feels ready; don't pressure him for intimacy before he's ready. Once a Capricorn man realizes you are a safe partner, he will begin to share his personal thoughts and history.

Let Him Protect You
Capricorns like to take care of the women in their lives. You'll stroke his masculine ego and show him you appreciate his paternal and gentle nature if you let him know about ways he might be able to help you. Express your gratitude for his hard work when he tries to help you.

Let Him Take Charge
Capricorns need to feel they are in control, so you'll need to be secure enough to let him lead for a while, at least in the beginning of the relationship. Some women misinterpret this to mean Capricorns don't respect women; don't worry. Capricorns respect strong, competent women; they just need to know you respect them as well. Establish this upfront in the beginning of the relationship and things should go smoothly throughout.

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