How to Attract a Scorpio Husband

Want to learn how to attract a Scorpio husband? You may want to invest in astrology readings to make sure the two of you will be compatible before you set out on this formidable task.

Scorpios can be tough to catch since they tend to be loners who prefer passionate affairs to settling down. However, a Scorpio husband can be as deeply devoted to marriage as he is to other causes, if you earn his trust and prove yourself worthy.

The Myth Behind the Scorpio Sign
In order to understand the mysterious Scorpio husband, you'll need to understand his astrological sign. If you read up on ancient astrology, you'll find out that Scorpio was actually represented first by a serpent, then later by a scorpion. The serpent is known to shed his skin, constantly renewing himself. Scorpios are also believed to renew their strength internally with vigor and passion. The ancient mythological serpent is revered as immortal; Scorpios are also revered as being the most mysterious of the Zodiac sign and the deepest. They are often prone to destruction and creation, being driven by powerful emotions and dedication to causes. The scorpion is a loner, a dangerous creature.

What Attracts a Scorpio Husband
A Scorpio lover will need to believe you are trustworthy enough for him to let you in, steadfast enough to rest with you, challenging enough to keep him from being bored and strong enough to handle his stormy emotions. You will need to earn his respect before you will earn his love and you will need to be able to pursue his passions along with him with the same amount of determination and vigor that the deep Scorpio is capable.

The perfect match for a Scorpio is a woman who is honest, strong, self sufficient, deep and brave. You'll have to be able to respect his need for control and his bouts of self-loathing whenever he fails his own high expectations. If you are this kind of woman, you may be the right match for the watery, mysterious Scorpio.

What A Scorpio Husband Desires
A Scorpio man will want to test you before he invests in you. He will want to know your secrets, even if he won't share his own. He will need you to prove your worthiness, both as a partner who will pull her own weight and as a human being with ideals and passions equal to his own. He will look for someone who can handle the intensity of his thoughts and desires and will expect you to support his pursuits. When he fails in one area, a Scorpio will be very hard on himself, but he will need you to be practical but gentle with him so he can find a new cause and throw himself into it. A Scorpio husband desires a strong but supportive woman who can handle both the honorable and deplorable sides of his sign.

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