How to Attract an Aries Man

Want to learn how to attract an Aries man? If you believe you'd be compatible with an Aries, you may want to read upon what appeals to men of this sign and make sure you're sending the right signals. According to astrological science, the zodiac explains a great deal about who a person is and what that person desires.

If a man is born between March 22nd and April 23rd, he is considered an Aries. This is his sun sign. Don't be confused if you read up on Aries and don't see any resemblance to the description; you may be fooled by the characteristics displayed to you, which are determined by the man's ascendant sign. A man's ascendant sign is the sign that was rising in the east of his birthplace at the very moment of his birth. If want proper astrology readings, you'll need to calculate both the sun sign and ascendant sign according to exact birth dates, birth times and birthplaces. A man's ascendant sign will be the sign he shows to the world, but his sun sign will be the sign that determines his essence and his inner life. The sun sign determines his most basic and primal desires and needs.

If you're intrigued by an Aries man, there are several things you can do to get his attention.

Let Him Rescue You
Aries men are chivalrous at heart; they love nothing more than to find a damsel in distress to rescue. Give an Aries man something to do, then lavish him with praise when he comes through to save you. Then find another way for him to prove his worth; Aries thrives on meeting the needs of others and being praised for it.

Set up an Adventure
An Aries man needs a constant challenge for him to stick around. If he conquers you quickly, he'll move on to a new challenge. An Aries man needs a sense of adventure and excitement or he'll get bored and go looking elsewhere. You may want to plan dates and vacations that involve excitement and challenges or take on new hobbies together.

Champion His Cause
Because Aries needs to feel needed, you will succeed if you help him find a cause to champion and then work by his side to help him be successful. Let him take the credit when possible-Aries needs his ego stroked-but be an intricate part of his cause so he can't move on without you. Keep an eye on his attention span; when he gets tired of one cause, you may help him find another one to dive into.

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