Tips to Attract Aquarius Male

Are you wondering how to attract an Aquarius male? If you believe you'd be compatible with an Aquarius, you may want to read upon what appeals to men of this sign and make sure you're sending the right signals. According to astrological science, the zodiac explains a great deal about who a person is and what that person desires.

If a man is born between January 21st and February 20th, he is considered an Aquarius. This is his sun sign. Don't be confused if you read up on Aquarius and don't see any resemblance to the description; you may be fooled by the characteristics displayed to you, which are determined by the man's ascendant sign. A man's ascendant sign is the sign that was rising in the east of his birthplace at the very moment of his birth. If want proper astrology readings, you'll need to calculate both the sun sign and ascendant sign according to exact birth dates, birth times and birthplaces. A man's ascendant sign will be the sign he shows to the world, but his sun sign will be the sign that determines his essence and his inner life. The sun sign determines his most basic and primal desires and needs.

Aquarius is an air sign, meaning he is intellectual in nature and interested in philosophy and ideals. The typical Aquarian man is a forward-thinking, progressive man with kindness in his heart and good intentions propelling his actions.

To attract an Aquarius male, try the following approaches:

Engage Him in Intellectual Discussions
If you're not interested in philosophy or current events or social progress, you probably will have a hard time keeping up with an Aquarius. Look for common ground-perhaps you both like the same books or movies-and engage him intellectually. He'll appreciate your perspective and be flattered you're interested in his.

Focus on the Friendship
Aquarius males are some of the best friendship builders of the Zodiac. He'll be loyal, devoted and will sacrifice for you. Express appreciation of his honesty and show him you are trustworthy also, and you'll build a romance based on a foundation of mutual friendship.

Be Patient With Romantic Efforts
Aquarius men are often better friends than romantics; they usually lack the finesse and flair some of the more fiery or earthy signs possess. This doesn't mean he doesn't love you madly and won't be an amazing lover or partner; in fact, his lack of finesse can be endearing if you overlook his awkwardness. You just may have to remind yourself that diamonds and grand romantic efforts are not always indicators of deep loving feelings, and a friendship can blossom into a closely bonded and rewarding love relationship.

Give Him Space
Most Aquarius men are not emotionally expressive until they feel safe. This means his cool nature may frustrate you at first, but you'll be the lucky one who gets a glimpse at his true feelings if you persevere. Don't pressure an Aquarius to share more personal information that he offers; it may take a while for him to open up to you. Instead share about yourself and prove to him that you are trustworthy enough to earn the privilege of hearing about his feelings.

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