How to Attract Sagittarius Women

If you're wondering how to attract Sagittarius women, you'll need to look into the compatibility of various signs to determine if you'll be a good match for the strong-willed, fiery Sagittarius.

Ask For Her Opinion
Sagittarius women love to express their opinions, and they do it articulately and with emphasis. If you give a Sagittarius woman your ear and praise her for her insight, you'll catch her attention.

Challenge Her
Sagittarius women have the world by the tail. Find something exciting and challenging to do, and invite her along to experience something new together. Her lust for new experiences and exhilaration at accomplishing something difficult will help her see your value as a partner.

Openly Admire Her
This is a woman who cannot get enough compliments. Praise her beauty, style, intellect, taste in literature and her essence. Pour waterfalls of admiration on her and she will respond like a cat that's been longing to be stroked, since Sagittarius women need compliments like a man in a desert needs a drink of water.

Give Her Freedom
You can't be possessive with a Sagittarius; she'll shake you loose and head for less restrictive partners. Instead give her the freedom to flirt and enjoy the attention of other admirers, but express how much you want her to be yours. She'll be happy to return if she knows you want her, but aren't keeping her locked up.

Learn About Her Sign
Sagittarius women are a fiery bunch. You may want to invest in astrology readings to determine if you are compatible before you take on this demanding, but exciting kind of woman. In general, Sagittarius women are most compatible with other Sagittarians, but they are usually able to handle relationships with Aries, Leos and Libras as well. They thrive in unconventional relationships that allow freedom and plenty of adventure and self-expression.

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