How to Attract Scorpio Women

If you want to attract Scorpio women, you'll want to learn about what makes Scorpios tick. Scorpio women are born between October 23rd and November 22nd, but not all Scorpios present themselves in the same way. A woman's sun sign determines her internal motivations and desires, but her ascendant sign and moon sign will also influence her in significant ways. To find out if you will be compatible, you may want to look into complete astrology readings that will compare your astrological chart with hers.

There are two characteristics that are most commonly found in Scorpio women. They are depth and willfulness.

Appeal to Her Depth
The Scorpio woman is highly intuitive and deeply curious. She wants to understand the people around her before she will trust. She will second-guess the things you say and will be very cautious about allowing you into her heart, although she will expect you to be completely forthright and open about your motivation, thoughts and intent. This is because a Scorpio woman is a serious, intense woman who wants nothing less than a deep relationship. To catch a Scorpio woman, you must prove your worth and give her the time to decide if she is willing to let you in. You can do this by sharing your life openly, wearing your emotions on your sleeve, and being completely honest with her.

Understand She is Willful
The Scorpio woman is not one to apologize lightly nor is she one to bow to your will. She is an independent, strong and capable woman who will leave before she'll let you crush her spirit. If you want a woman who will kowtow to you, this is not the woman for you. To attract a Scorpio woman, you'll have to respect her pride and need for admiration and allow her to save face when she falls. You'll need to ask her for favors instead of ordering her around, and you'll have to live with the fact that she may never verbalize an apology. You can't tame a Scorpio woman, but you'll never find her boring or dull. She may give you a hard time now and then, but her depth of feeling and conviction is worth it for a man who can withstand the challenges.

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