How to Make a Libra Man Fall in Love With You

Are you wondering how to make a Libra man fall in love with you? This idealistic sign is prone to lofty romantic ideas. He loves to think about, ponder and pontificate about love, but actually winning a Libra man's heart can be challenging because his ideas are so romantic, they can be unattainable.

Libra is an air sign. As a result, Libra men like to think about the ideals of love. The Libra man in your life may believe love relationships should be altruistic, or self-sacrificing, or perpetually romantic and passionate in nature. He may dream of love relationships that last forever or are deeply emotionally intimate and fulfilling. Whatever his vision of love may be, your Libra man will be intoxicated with this vision and will seek to fulfill this vision with a woman of his dreams.

Libra men like to be in love and they can fall for women easily. The problem is few real women can fulfill the Libra man's vision of what love relationship should be like. The Libra man is thrown off by disagreements, boredom or disappointment. A Libra man who is experiencing the negative aspects of a relationship will be tempted to pacify himself through visions of a future love relationship, one that perfectly fits his vision of love. This means the Libra man is often in love, but his relationships don't usually last unless he has learned to settle for real life.

Because a Libra man is so idealistic, it can be absolutely delightful to be in a love relationship with him. Most likely he will sweep you off your feet with grand gestures of love and beautiful words. However, you'll need to figure out what Libra wants in exchange for his extraordinary efforts. Is he looking for passionate love making? Praise? Continuous domestic bliss? If you can find out what your Libra man needs to fulfill his vision of a love relationship, you may be able to perpetuate a beautiful, loving exchange for a lifetime.

The airy Libra does, however, need to feel the relationship is fair and just. If your Libra man believes you are not holding up your end of the deal or are not meeting his expectations, he may move on to another relationship in his perpetual search for perfect love.

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