How to Attract a Cancer Male

Learn how to attract a Cancer male with these tips that play to the Cancer male's sensitive and nurturing sides, something rare in this world today. If you want a Cancer in your life, try the following techniques to lure that man into your world:

Ask Him About His Dreams
Cancer men are creative men driven by dreams and longing. He may be an engineer because it pays the bills, but chances are he really wants to be an artist or work as a music talent scout. Find out what he dreams about and you'll find the heart of a Cancer man.

Be Gentle
Cancers are notoriously sensitive. He may hide inside that hard shell of his, but his feelings are easily hurt. Be careful not to tease too much or to be sarcastic or overtly critical or you'll scare him away. Instead, show your loving side and you'll entice him closer.

While Cancers can be incredibly expressive, tender lovers, they are not great at initiating relationships because they fear rejection. If you notice a Cancer man stealing glances at you and making excuses to talk to you, you'll want to take the initiative and ask him out instead of waiting for him to initiate with you. Cancer men appreciate women who take the lead.

Express Your Appreciation of Family
Cancer men are usually excellent fathers and life partners because they believe in family and stay close to home. Warm, nurturing and appreciative of their roots, these are men who value their siblings and parents and want to build loving families of their own. They look for mates who will be good mothers and will set down roots with them. You won't want to poke fun of his family or tell him how dysfunctional your family is; he may decide you won't be the kind of partner he's seeking if can't picture you as a part of his long-term family.

Give Him Space
While you'll want to be the one who initiates with a Cancer, you'll also want to respect his need for time alone. Cancer men need time for introspection, creativity and to build safe secure physical homes for themselves-which may mean time to pay bills, clean house or put things in order. A Cancer man will need both nurturing and space, in varying doses. Ask your changeable-and often moody-Cancer man what he needs and respect his answer.

To determine if you and a Cancer man are compatible, consider charting astrology readings for the two of you.

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