Pisces and Leo Compatibility

If you believe that opposites attract, Pisces and Leos just might be some of the best examples of where differences in personality can benefit in a relationship. Pisces have passive natures while Leo likes to take charge. Both can learn, and teach, as long as the other party is ready and willing.

Pisces female/Leo male

The female Pisces, male Leo relationship combination might possibly be more successful than the male Pisces, female Leo relationship. However, it still needs work as they are polar opposites. The Pisces female is an introvert with a sensitive heart, while male Leo is an extrovert, with a disposition sometimes bordering on arrogance.

If she can intelligently manage her ability to tame him while making him think he is still in charge, this relationship can fulfill romance and love. He needs to be careful of hurting her sensitive nature and try to contain his anger. If her vulnerability is not a problem with him, this can work. If both can't reconcile those natures, this combination can create quite a challenge.

This relationship might work especially well when both start out as friends. Even if their love does not work out, they might keep a lifelong friendship. What works especially well for Pisces female/Leo male relationships is their love of the arts and expression.

Leo likes to rule, and since Pisces does not like to make decisions, this suits her fine. In turn, he can appreciate her compassion and tranquility. Both factors can be the strongest foundation for this pairing, if Leo can make the effort to get to know his Pisces partner.

Pisces male/Leo female

The female Leo is outgoing and likes being the center of attention, while the Pisces male prefers his own inner world. Since he is happy with few people in his life, he likely won't mind her outgoing nature. In a way, this creates some type of balance in the relationship, if both can keep fights and disagreements to a minimum.

What does work in a Pisces male/Leo female relationship is that both have romantic personalities and love passion and affection. The Leo female, because of her invincible nature, might be the glue that keeps a long-term relationship together. However, the Pisces male can have a selfish nature that might clash with the Leo female's generous persuasion. If each can recognize this in the other and accept it, the union can be compatible.


Both signs, despite their opposite natures of fire and water, have generous hearts and are able to see the potential in others. Their curious and optimistic traits might at the very least create good friendships.


Pisces/Leo pairings have subject/leader issues. Big egos might get into the way as both struggle to find themselves in the relationship. Impulsive natures can be hard to overcome and both might have problems mixing up reality and fantasy.

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