Attract Scorpio Men with These Tips

Attract Scorpio men with these tips: remember that their mysterious exterior is a protective shell. While full astrology readings are necessary to truly understand the astrological make up of any person, you can assume that behind those aloof and perhaps intimidating façades, Scorpios have tender, emotional, cautious interiors that crave partners who will support them unconditionally.

Show Him You've Got Your Own Life
A Scorpio only respects a woman who has her feet on the ground and her purpose in mind; he's not one to respect anyone who appears shallow, flighty or dependent.

Stand Strong Through the Storms
Scorpios are known to huff and puff to see if they can blow you down before they will trust; you'll need to show yourself a strong woman who can handle intensity. The payoff can be a deep relationship with an abundance of passion.

Offer Genuine Praise
A Scorpio will require your respect, even when he's going through a time of depression or excessive introspection, something most Scorpios need before they launch into a new cause, job or purpose. Don't fake it; Scorpios are very intuitive and despise false flattery. However, they crave admiration and respect, as long as it is sincere.

Nix the Criticism
While a Scorpio may appear like he can handle criticism, and he certainly does dish it out himself, Scorpios are very sensitive and need steadfast support.

Make Allowances for his Pride
Scorpios are known as loners who choke on the words "I'm sorry," but patience can turn the most stubborn and proud Scorpio into a devoted partner. You may need to acquiesce a little more than you'd prefer, but a Scorpio's gratitude and loyalty can't be beat-if you can win over this cynic with steadfast patience and love.

Let Him Know You're His
Scorpios can be possessive and controlling, but if you give him no reason to doubt your fidelity, you'll find him a pleasant partner who delights in declaring you his partner. If you can enjoy his passionate claim of you as a partner, the two of you may find yourself beautifully compatible.

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