What Attracts a Cancer Man

Want to know what attracts a Cancer man? Cancer men are sensitive, kind, sweet and creative, but they are also usually shy and cautious. To capture the attention of a Cancer man, you'll need to win his trust.

Men who are born between June 23rd and July 23rd are considered Cancers. This is the man's sun sign. If you learn that a man is a Cancer, but he doesn't seem to fit the classic description of a Cancer, look closer to examine his inner drive and responses. You may be fooled by the traits of his ascendant sign-which is calculated through astrology readings using birthplace, birth date and birth time. Every person presents to the world according to his ascendant sign, but is driven by his sun sign. For example, a Cancer man with the ascendant sign of a Leo may come across as boisterous, brave and highly entertaining, but is actually easily hurt, very sensitive and craves a stable, supportive family unit more than anything.

Cancers are easily hurt. They crave partners who will appreciate creativity and a tendency to dream big. They are emotionally vulnerable and need a partner who can provide a safe landing when dreams are dashed or feelings get hurt by coworkers or acquaintances.

If there's one thing a Cancer man needs every day, it's affirmation. Tell him you believe in him, specifically point out ways he is doing well and remind him of his successes often.

Cancers need to believe life can improve. They may seek after dreams you find unattainable, but they need a partner who tells them they can do it. Support a Cancer as he pursues his dreams and look for ways to make those dreams come true.

Cancers are not ones to change relationships lightly. They have trouble letting go of the past and are very emotionally invested in relationships in general. Once you commit to a Cancer, he'll expect you to stay committed, and will become jealous and upset if you flirt with another man or threaten to leave. Reassure him that you are committed to him and he'll relax.

Cancers are emotional volatile and need a stable person who will tolerate mood changes, especially depression. If you can consistently offer support and optimism, you are exactly what the changeable Cancer needs.

Physical Affection
Cancer men are sensual and physical. They crave affection and sexual fulfillment on a regular basis. Want to attract a Cancer man? Hint at a satisfying physical relationship and you'll get his attention.

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