What Attracts a Gemini Man

What attracts a Gemini man? The Gemini man is most comfortable with the intellectual conversations in which air signs love to engage; he'll discuss theory and ideals and philosophy all day long. However, you'll find the Gemini man is fascinated by the heavy emotion of water signs and can be grounded by a practical earth sign, even if these signs may seem incompatible.

The important thing to remember when trying to attract a Gemini man is that he likes to keep things light. He'll love to talk and joke and theorize, and he'll be game for just about any outing, but he isn't into heavy introspection or anything that will weigh him down. He's a delightful flirt, so you'll want to dress up, put your party face on and laugh and play along with him. To determine how compatible the two of you may be, you may want to chart astrology readings for the both of you the determine how airy of a Gemini he is and how heavy, fiery or grounded you are.

Best Match: Gemini and Libra
These two are perfect for one another. Both love intellectual pursuits and light-hearted excursions. They love to have fun, are not oversensitive and are not prone to jealousy or possessiveness, allowing both partners to have freedom.

Best Match: Gemini and Aquarius
Because Aquarius is so innovative and Gemini is so flexible, the two get along beautifully. They both love new experiences and excitement. Aquarius is patient, understanding and tolerant of Gemini's irresponsibility and wandering, so Gemini gets the best of the relationship.

Best Match: Gemini and Aries
Aries and Gemini are great matches for one another because they are both energetic, enthusiastic and creative in the bedroom, and both love new experiences. Aries will help rein Gemini in by making the hard decisions in life without squashing Gemini's exuberance.

Why Not Gemini with Gemini?
While two Geminis are bound to be dynamic in the sack and full of playful banter, the two are two restless and superficial to build anything solid. While two Geminis might have an adventurous and exciting affair, they will have to work hard to make a long-term relationship work.

Worst Match: Gemini and Scorpio
While Gemini might be attracted to Scorpio's depth of passion, he'll quickly find her jealousy, possessiveness and private nature will overwhelm him, driving Gemini to find lighter, easier partners.

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