What Attracts a Taurus Man

What attracts a Taurus man? What can you do to increase the chances of making a Taurus fall for you? If you believe you will be compatible with a Taurus, you'll want to try these approaches.

Get Sensual
Taurus men are highly physical and sexual. They are sensual men who enjoy using all five senses, so you'll want to appeal to all of their senses. Dress attractively and make sure to do up your make up so you will catch his eye. Wear a sensual perfume or essential oil. Feed him something that will make his stomach growl when he thinks of you. Touch him often. Look for the chance to whisper something in his ear. Then get ready for a physical encounter that will rock your world; Taurus men are lovers who enjoy the more primal side of love.

Offer Security
Taurus men are usually conventional. They believe in engagement rings and white weddings and happily ever after. Make your traditional views of life known and you'll turn that Taurus man's head.

Don't Play Games
Taurus men are straight-forward. If you're interested in a physical relationship with no-strings attached, let him know up front. If you're interested in a long-term relationship, make that clear as well. Just remember that most Taurus men take their vows seriously, so he probably won't commit to you until he's sure you're the one.

Offer Excitement
Because Taurus men are stable, gentle and calm, they are often attracted to women who will spice up their lives. You'll want to show him you can be fun without disrupting his smooth and steady life.

Appease His Jealous Side
One thing you'll want to make sure you don't do is make him jealous or make him feel threatened that you might leave. A Taurus man will want to know you are his and only his, and will balk if he feels like you might not be committed to him. Taurus men need security, so affirm your interest in him and show him the appropriate affection to help him feel secure.

Don't Force Conversation
Taurus is the strong, silent, masculine type, so you'll need to be able to tolerate a lot of silence if you're going to be with a Taurus man. Show him how you feel through physical gestures, romantic overtures and action, not words. If you need a man who will talk your ear off, you don't want a Taurus. If you like a man who will sweep you off your feet and into the bedroom, a Taurus is the man for you.

To check your compatibility with a Taurus, consider comparing astrology readings. You may learn a lot about that silent Taurus that you would never have guessed.

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