What Attracts Capricorn Men

Are you wondering what attracts Capricorn men? If you believe you'd be compatible with a Capricorn, you may want to read upon what appeals to men of this sign and make sure you're sending the right signals. According to astrological science, the zodiac explains a great deal about who a person is and what that person desires.

If a man is born between December 23rd and January 20th, he is considered a Capricorn. This is his sun sign. Don't be confused if you read up on Capricorn and don't see any resemblance to the description; you may be fooled by the characteristics displayed to you, which are determined by the man's ascendant sign. A man's ascendant sign is the sign that was rising in the east of his birthplace at the very moment of his birth. If want proper astrology readings, you'll need to calculate both the sun sign and ascendant sign according to exact birth dates, birth times and birthplaces. A man's ascendant sign will be the sign he shows to the world, but his sun sign will be the sign that determines his essence and his inner life. The sun sign determines his most basic and primal desires and needs.

To attract a Capricorn, try the following tactics:

Express Admiration For His Hard Work
Capricorns are perhaps the hardest working of the Zodiac signs; they pour themselves into their work, home improvement projects and inventions. A Capricorn man needs acknowledgment of these efforts and achievements. Your open admiration will catch his attention so he'll look away from the task at hand and take a peek at you.

Appreciate His Toys
Material wealth is important to Capricorn men. Whatever you do, don't disparage his new car or expensive shoes. Appreciate his ability to provide materially and let him know you'd gladly be his dinner date at a fabulous new restaurant uptown.

Respect His Traditional Perspective
Most Capricorns are traditional and conventional, making him a chivalrous date and a gentleman at heart. While you don't need to ditch your independence, it won't hurt if you let him take the reins for a while. Flirt with a Capricorn, but let him initiate. Acquiesce to his suggestions for date plans and let him feel like he's in control. Once he's secure with you, he'll be happy to let you make suggestions and decisions, as long as you don't threaten his security.

Build Carefully
It may take a while for a Capricorn to commit to a relationship; he's very cautious and will want to make sure you're the one before he commits to you. However, you can trust a Capricorn's commitment once he makes one; he's not one to break his word, and he hates broken promises. Take your time and build a solid relationship he can trust.

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