What Attracts Pisces Partners

What attracts Pisces partners? Many people find Pisces to be attractive mates because they are unassuming and avoid conflict, making them pleasant and easy people with whom to live. However, the elusive Pisces can be difficult to understand and attract, mostly because Pisces don't insist on you doing things their way or treating them a certain way. They just quietly disappear when things aren't working for them without giving a reason why.

To learn what attracts Pisces partners, you may want to chart astrology readings to see if you are compatible with Pisces before you chase after this appealing but elusive mate.

What are Pieces looking for in a partner?

Pisces have many dreams but they often feel unable to make those dreams come true. If you offer unwavering enthusiasm and practical support for a Pisces' dreams, you'll be rewarded with a loyal partner. Just be careful not to get frustrated when Pisces doubts herself or takes what may look like unnecessary detours on her way to success.

Pisces may have trouble expressing her needs to you for fear of rejection or judgment, but she wants to hear about your needs and desires. The more open you are with a Pisces, the more Pisces will respond with vulnerable communication, offering potential for a very close bond.

Because Pisces tend to doubt themselves and take a long time achieving goals, they need the respect of a partner instead of criticism.

Pisces may be too shy to ask for it, but he wants you to help him set concrete plans, make difficult decisions and help him follow things through to completion. Be careful he doesn't construe your assistance as criticism, and watch for cues that he's about to withdraw because you've stepped over your boundaries. Offer help and see if he takes you up on it or disappears; his withdrawal is the sign you've gone too far.

Pisces desire physical and emotional tenderness expressed through affection, romantic gestures and words of love. Pisces women in particular need storybook romance.

Pisces is a sensual sign, making a Pisces a wonderful lover if you can provide a safe environment where he does not feel judged or criticized. He will not insist you do the things he desires, but will pay close attention to what you want and will gladly please you as best as he can. Seek to discover what pleases him also and you'll have a mutually edifying relationship.

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