What Attracts Pisces Woman

What attracts a Pisces woman? These peaceful, acquiescent dreamers may seem like they go with the flow, but the Pisces woman may coast along without telling you she discontent, which means she will often just disappear when she's had too much disappointment. They might not fight with you, but they won't put up with abuse, disrespect or an unsatisfying relationship. Instead they will just move on, leaving you wondering why it didn't work out.

It can be difficult to know how to attract a Pieces woman because she may appear to be ever-changing and impossible to pin down. This is because Pisces women hate conflict, and they'd rather hide their true feelings than cause a problem in a relationship. They keep their hopes, opinions and convictions hidden in the depths of their souls because they fear criticism and causing a scene. This is why it takes a special man to draw out a Pisces woman. Because she is a peace-lover and a kind soul, she's worth the wait.

Ask Her About Her Dreams
She's bound to have aspirations for her career, purpose, home life and personal growth, but she may be afraid to share about them. If you listen to Pisces and offer support and concrete plans for making her dreams come true, she will value your relationship tremendously.

Offer Romance
Pisces women are highly romantic, so they are crushed when a man is pragmatic instead of emotionally expressive. Make sure you pull out all the stops, even though Pisces won't tell you she needs this. Bring on the flowers, the chocolates, the beautiful dinners and the lovely engagement ring. Make dates extra special and you'll keep this beauty from slipping away.

Provide Tenderness
The Pisces woman needs physical affection and displays of love to keep her anchored in her relationship with you and to offset the times when you will unintentionally wound her. Pisces wants to be protected, nourished and appreciated; Cancer men are the perfect mates for these emotionally needy women who are afraid to demand what they desire.

Give Her Space
When Pisces has had too much, she may need to withdraw and replenish her strength with time alone or apart. If you give her the time for introspection she desires, she will return to you grateful for you understanding and trust.

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