What Attracts the Scorpio Male

Want to know what attracts the Scorpio male? This most mysterious of the zodiac signs can be an elusive mate, but an easy lover if you don't mind a passionate passing fling. Known for embracing bachelorhood and coveted for his depth of intensity, the Scorpio male is a tough one to nail down.

If you subscribe to astrology readings and want to check to see if you are compatible with a particular Scorpio, you'll need to enter information about birthplaces, birthdates and exact birth times for the both of you for accurate results. It may help to know your Scorpio male's moon sign and ascendant sign before you begin your pursuit of this slippery water sign.

The Need to Be In Control
Scorpio males need to be in control, and they need to know you will not challenge their controlled, disciplined life, but rather admire them for their efforts. Praise a Scorpio, but only when sincere; a Scorpio can detect a lie a mile away and will stay away from a person who is false. Scorpio men admire women who are in control of their own lives, including careers, home lives, bodies and other areas of self-discipline, and they look for mates who will line up with them without challenging them to the point of making them look bad. You'll need to be okay with Scorpio's need for control, and yet you can't be weak, or he will not respect you.

Internally Motivated to Make a Difference
Scorpio males tend to be highly self-motivated. While they enjoy power, they are more so driven by the desire to make a difference and to make something of their lives. Some famous Scorpio men are Martin Luther, Charles de Gaulle and Teddy Roosevelt, all men who made their marks on this world through passionate causes. If you meet a Scorpio who is devoted to a cause, you may win his respect and later his heart if you join forces alongside him. The typical Scorpio male needs time for introspection as this feeds his passion, and time to rest, since he gives so much of himself to his work, cause or self-improvement plan. If you offer support and respect his need to brood, you may win the approval of a Scorpio.

Have a Cause of Your Own
A Scorpio loathes superficiality, lack of discipline and lack of purpose-in himself and in others. To win over a Scorpio, you have to showcase backbone and determination. You'll need to be self-sufficient and brave to withstand the torrential emotions of a Scorpio.

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