What Attracts the Virgo Man

What attracts the Virgo man? If you believe you'd be compatible with a Virgo, you may want to read upon what appeals to men of this sign and make sure you're sending the right signals. According to astrological science, the zodiac explains a great deal about who a person is and what that person desires.

If a man is born between August 24th and September 23rd, he is considered a Virgo. This is his sun sign. Don't be confused if you read up on Virgo and don't see any resemblance to the description; you may be fooled by the characteristics displayed to you, which are determined by the man's ascendant sign. A man's ascendant sign is the sign that was rising in the east of his birthplace at the very moment of his birth. If want proper astrology readings, you'll need to calculate both the sun sign and ascendant sign according to exact birth dates, birth times and birthplaces. A man's ascendant sign will be the sign he shows to the world, but his sun sign will be the sign that determines his essence and his inner life. The sun sign determines his most basic and primal desires and needs.

If you want to attract a Virgo man, you'll want to try the following:

Talk to Him
A Virgo needs to believe you are truly interested for him to allow himself to get emotionally involved. Ask him about his work, his hobbies and his likes and dislikes. He's not a gambler, so he isn't a believer in love at first sight. He has to get to know you first and make sure he believes you are compatible, unless he's in a space where he's just looking for an emotionless fling. Virgos are slow to warm up, but will appreciate a lover who takes a genuine interest in him.

Give Him a Problem to Solve
Virgos are great listeners and love to feel needed. Let the Virgo know about any problem of yours-be it mechanical, technical or relationship-and then let him solve it for you. Express your admiration and appreciation and you'll have his attention.

Entice Him
Virgos often end up living safe and rather orderly and calm lives, but they crave a little excitement. Often Virgo men are attracted to women who can convince them to leave work behind and enjoy a vacation on the beach or a day of hiking. If you can tempt him to leave his predictable schedule and try something with some zing to it, he may decide you are the exact partner he has been looking for. Make sure you never ridicule his orderly ways but rather seek to enhance his life with a little extra spice.

Be Patient
Virgos are rule-followers who love instructions and step-by-step tutorials. Don't poke fun at his "how-to" books on romance or sex, and be patient with how he may appear clumsy or awkward as he tries to woo you. Once a Virgo feels confident you like him and are into him, he'll be a confident suitor who will notice your particular needs. Because he's likely to be well read and because he astutely will take note of your unique needs, he can be a very thorough and satisfying lover.

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