What Women Attract Pisces Men

Interested in what women attract Pisces men? If you're into Pisces men, you'll want to check out this list of compatibility comparisons between the different signs of the Zodiac. While you'll need full astrology readings to truly predict astrological compatibility, you may find these guidelines helpful.

In general, Pisces look for partners who appreciate their easy-going natures and peaceful approach to life. Because they tend to be insecure and doubt themselves, they gravitate towards women who are affirming and nurturing. They are the incurable dreamers, always seeking but often not achieving, so they look for partners who will support their dreams without judgment or pressure if they do not succeed. 

Best Bet: Pisces Man and Aries Woman
Because Aries is passionate and aggressive in love, Pisces will feel wanted and needed. Pisces can shower Aries with the affection and flattery Aries women need. The Aries woman will get to lead and make crucial decisions, which Pisces desires. Pisces can lean on Aries without feeling like his masculinity is being questioned, as long as Aries doesn't criticize him too much.

Best Bet: Pisces Man and Taurus Woman
Pisces men like the stability and security a Taurus woman will create in the home. Because Taurus women are artistic, they will inspire the dreamy Pisces. The Taurus woman will help Pisces stay grounded, but the passion in the bedroom will be sky high since both are sensual signs. As long as Taurus can let go of her practical desire to keep everything a bit dull, she'll be a great partner for the dreamer Pisces.

Bad Match: Pisces Man and Gemini Woman
While the Pisces man may initially be attracted to Gemini's wit and communication skills, he will resent how inconsiderate Gemini can be and will want to tie Gemini down. A Gemini woman will most likely find a Pisces man to be too impractical and emotional and will not show Pisces the respect he needs, calling him an impossible dreamer.

Bad Match: Pisces Man and Leo Woman
A Leo woman will most likely consider Pisces to be wishy washy and spineless, especially when he insists in thinking things through when she wants a man who acts decisively. Leo will overshadow Pisces since a Pisces man is shy and introverted, while Leo loves the attention of a crowd and is gregarious. Because a Leo woman needs freedom to roam and a Pisces man needs a woman who will stay by his side, this combination rarely works.

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