Which Zodiac Symbols Go Best With Aries

Are you wondering which zodiac symbols go best with Aries? To truly examine how compatible two people are, you will need to conduct full astrology readings, but you can tell a lot about a relationship just by comparing sun signs. A person's sun sign determines what drives them internally, so you can figure out a lot about a relationship just from comparing sun sign compatibility.

Aries are usually social, generous and idealistic. They love to be in love, they have fiery personalities that garner a lot of attention. The following signs are the best matches for Aries:

Aries and Leo: The Best Possible Match
These two fiery signs are bound to be the life of any party. Both are funny, witty, outgoing and emotionally expressive. They understand the need for attention and fun, and they love to perform and entertain together as a fabulous pair. Both signs are passionate, inventive and exciting lovers, so sparks will never die in the bedroom. As long as the two can share the stage together, this couple will be very happy.

Aries and Sagittarius: An Excellent Match
Aries and Sagittarius both enjoy extravagance and self-indulgence, meaning they will enjoy the good life together. Aries can help the fiery but sometimes overly critical or antagonistic Sagittarius lighten up. Sagittarius can be too serious in the bedroom, but Aries will bring a fun and light-hearted attitude to the intimate side of life, cementing the relationship. If Sagittarius can't lighten up, the relationship will fail, but there is a lot of potential in this match.

Aries and Gemini: A Great Match
Adventurous and ever-seeking increased knowledge, these two signs will delight and challenge one another intellectually. Aries will find Gemini stimulating mentally and physically, and both signs love to laugh, socialize and try new experiences.

Aries and Aquarius: A Wonderful Match
Since Aquarius is a dreamer, Aries can find Aquarius to be fascinating and endlessly interesting. The two will seek out new experiences and explore the world together. Aries will dominate, but this is fine with passive Aquarius, who is looking for a leader- in the bedroom and out of it. Aries might find Aquarius to be a bit selfish in the bedroom, but both signs are excellent communicators, so this can be resolved easily. Aries will find Aquarius's various pursuits to be intriguing, and will find Aquarius to be deep and satisfying.

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