Why Do Capricorn Men Pull Away in Relationships

Wondering why Capricorn men pull away in relationships? Are you befuddled by the Capricorn in your life? Do you wonder how this stable, steadfast man can be so consistent in so many areas of his life, but becomes so withdrawn and distant just when you're starting to feel close to him? 

If you want to truly understand the Capricorn in your life, you'll need to map out your astrological chart and compare it to his chart to check for compatibility, but that's a lot of work. You can understand the basics of the internal motivation of a Capricorn simply by learning about how Capricorn men view romance, love and emotional intimacy.

While Capricorn men are secretly quite romantic, they are practical in nature. They value control, including self control, and they fear any feelings that make them feel like they're losing control of you or the situation. This means the Capricorn man in your life may be falling madly in love with you and, as a result, is pulling away in the relationship because he fears he may love you more than you love him. He feels safer if he pulls back, takes the time to test the relationship, and then reinvests emotionally. If you are a particularly volatile person, he may never feel safe enough to completely let down his guard with you and may continue to vacillate between tiptoeing close to you and pulling away again, kind of like the stretching and rebounding of a rubber band.

Capricorns are so practical in nature that they do not always choose relationships because of romantic feelings. They may settle for a relationship that is simply good enough and is highly functional.

Capricorns gravitate towards conservative, stable relationships, so you can ease a Capricorn's fears by showing yourself to be a practical, stable partner. You can help a Capricorn relax and trust the relationship by doing the following:

  • Practice self-control in your finances.
  • Communicate calmly and rationally about conflict.
  • Allow him to have the final say in decisions that you consider unimportant or insignificant.
  • Give him space and distance when he needs it.
  • Trust he will come back when he's ready.

You can win over that Capricorn man with patience and respect.

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